Scientific Research, training and O&M management


VIVVASE has paid itsgreatattention toScientiíic Research training, O&M managementactivities, Technology T ransíer activities, authorized to study and formulate Orientations, Development strategy, Standards for water supply, drainage and sevverage, environment, scientificthemes at National and Ministerial level specializing in vvatersupply, sanitation and environment sector. Orientations, Developmentstrategies, Standard íorthe sector prepared by VIVVASE:

  • Vietnam Urban Orientation for VVater Supply Development to 2020 approved by the Prime Minister at Decision No. 63/1998/QD-TTg
  • Vietnam Urban Orientation for Drainage and Sevverage Development to 2020 approved by the Prime Minister
  • Construction Environmental strategy to 2010.
  • Vietnam Urban Master Plan for VVater Supply System to 2020
  • Design Standard TCXDVN 33:2006, Water Supply-Distribution System and Facilities-Design Standard
  • Design Standard TCXDVN 7957:2008, Drainage and Sevverage-External Networks and Facilities-Design Standard

VIWASE has presided a number of scientiíic themes at national and ministerial level specialized in vvater supply, drainage, sevverage and sanitation sector. Results of many scientiíic themes undertaken by VIWASE have been effectively applied into a number of vvater supply, drainage, sevverage and sanitation vvorks, bringing about great efficiency in term of socio-economy. Lot oíadvanced technology has timely applied throughtransferoftechnologyand modeling, making contributiontotraining and self- training to scientificexperts and vvorkers in the vvatersector.

VIWASE has valuable experience in O&M management of vvater supply and wastewater vvorks, i.e. water supply vvorks for Tu Son (Bac Ninh), Van Lam (Hung Yen), National Coníerence Center in Hanoi, etc