Scientific Research and Technology Transfer


VIWASE has performed several themes at national and ministerial level in water supply, environmental sanitation sector.

Output of several studies has been applied for water supply, sewerage and sanitation projects, bringing back great socioeconomic efficiency. Advanced technologies have been timely applied through transfer and modelling activities.

Orientations, Development Strategies, Specialized Standard prepared by VIWASE:

  1. Vietnam Urban Orientation for VVater Supply Development to 2020 approved by the Prime Minister at Decision No. 63/1998/QD-TTg
  2. Vietnam Urban Orientation for Drainage and Sevverage Development to 2020 approved by the Prime Minister
  3. Construction Environmental strategy to 2010.
  4. Vietnam Urban Master Plan for VVater Supply System to 2020
  5. Design Standard TCXDVN 33:2006, Water Supply-Distribution System and Facilities-Design Standard
  6. Design Standard TCXDVN 7957:2008, Drainage and Sevverage-External Networks and Facilities-Design Standard