Quality Control System



            VIWASE maintains the highest policy of quality assurance for products and services through application of the quality control system ISO 9001:2015 by AFAQ-AFNOR International (Republic of France).

            Quality control system (Q/C system) includes Internal Quality Control Procedure Manual (QCPM), 16 Procedures and 17 Instructions constantly reviewed and evaluated, updated, improved aiming to meet increasing demands of Clients and objectives of Project/Assignments.

            In managing project, we apply the best internationally and nationally practices which ensure that good practice project management methodologies, mentality are implemented in our projects depending on the client and nature of project. Our engineering design work is based on credible and recognized standards and codes such as TCVN, QCVN, ISO, DIN, ASSHTO, BS, JIS… The lead project managers, engineers have sufficient practical certification of profession such as: practical certificate of design, practical certificate of construction supervision, practical certificate of procurement… granted by competent governmental agencies.