Equipment and facilities


          VIWASE has full capacity of conditions on manpower, equipment, water standardized laboratory, topographical surveying enterprise, geological surveying enterprise for consulting services, environmental and professional research activities. With desire to provide the best services/products to clients, professional and specialized software have been invested for business operation.

          Standardized Water Laboratory (LAS-XD 1176) of VIWASE is equipped with advanced equipment such as: UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption spectrometer-AAS, Automatic Potentiometric Titrator -APT, Water Distilator, Gas Chromatography … Managed, operated by a high professional and specializing staff, LAS-XD 1176 is competent in analyze complicated tests, parameters in water supply, sanitation, environment treatment and management sectors such as 54 parameters of water testing, 2 parameters of microorganism testing, 7 parameters for Hydrocabonate, 32 parameters of pesticide, 5 parameters of heavy metals in ground in compliance with standards as TCVN, SMEWW, US EPA, ISO...

          Topographical Survey Enterprise (TSE) and Geological Survey Enterprise (GSE) of VIWASE, with competent staffing and equipment, are eligible for implementation of site surveys, data analysis, edition and development of survey reports for engineering consultancy services for Works/Projects.

          According to Decision No. 545/QĐ-BXD of the Minister of Construction recognizing capacity of testing methods of LAS-XD 1176, surveying teams are competent of carrying out physical tests on soil parameters such as: plasticity limit test, shearforce on van test, determination of compressibility… Through years of implementation of surveying works for projects/works in numerous localities, the survey team has accumulated experiences of topographial, geologial, geodetic conditions of most provinces, cities nationwide. Surveyed outputs are always qualified, satisfactory to requirements of clients.