Major business lines

  1. Services for master plan, detailed construction planning, urban technical infrastructure, technology zone, industrial zone infrastructure, specialized planning in water supply, sewerage, waste treatment, environment.
  2. Consulting services for: project detailed outlines, Pre-FS, FS, detailed design, cost estimate, procurement, project management and construction supervision for the Works of technical infrastructure, water supply, drainage and sewerage, solid wastes and environmental sanitation; civil and industrial works; transportation; irrigation, dyke works; power electricity, civil and lighting electricity.
  3. Design, manufacture and trading of specialized equipment in water supply and technical infrastructure. Scientific research, technology application and transfer.
  4. Construction investment; Construction and installation of water supply, sewerage, civil and technical infrastructure works.
  5. Technical assistance, capacity building and institutional strengthening, policy, financial analysis and management; environmental impact assessment and monitoring, social safeguard.
  6. Construction surveys; Measurement and testing of environmental, air, water indicators; Testing for quality of equipment and material.