Major lines of business


1- Consulting services & Surveys:

Consultancy services, management of construction investment projects including: preparation and verification of Investment Reports (PFS), Construction Investment Reports (FS); Consulting services for design, cost estimate and general cost estimates, financial-economic assessment, bidding, capacity building; Project Management; Supervision for Construction and Equipment Installation for the following works:

  • Water supply, drainage, sewerage, solid waste and environmental sanitation works.
  • Civil and industrial works
  • Transport works
  • Irrigation works
  • Infrastructure works
  • Electrodynamic and civil power supply, lighting system, high voltage transmission line and transformer station works.
  • Planning for water supply, drainage, sewerage and environmental sanitation, planning for urban infrastructure.
  • Detailed Planning for urban, rural and industrial areas, industrial zones
  • Design and manufacture of specializing machines and equipment for water supply, drainage and infrastructure
  • General contractor of vvater supply and drainage project in the form of tum-key contract.
  • Experiment test and technical analysis for Construction and Environment; Quality test of construction works
  • Construction investigations and surveys (topographic survey, geological investigation, geotechnical investigation, hydro-geological investigation, environmental survey, experiement of air, soil and water).

2- Science research and technology transter, operation and maintenance management

  • Scientifice research, application and transfer of technology
  • Training on vvater and sanitation sector
  • O&M management for vvater supply, sewerage and sanitation works.

3- Professional expertise, and other Science and technology:

  • Environment Consultancy
  • Consultancy on other technologies
  • Prepare Environment Impact Assessment Repors, stratergic environment Studies
  • Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation

4- Market research and public surveys, including:

  • Investigation, survey and evaluation of sociology.
  • Investigation, survey and assessment of commitment on household connection with water supply system, sewerage and sanitation system
  • Investigation, survey and assessment of resettlement, effected households by land acquisition of the project.

5- Treatment of pollution and management activities of other wastes:

  • Detoxicating soil and underground water in the polluted areas either in the current locations or in old locations through using methods of physics, chemistry or biology.